• Amenities include Room and Board including, free use of washer and dryer. (dormitory shared room)

• One hot meal per day prepared by staff. (Residents responsible for preparing breakfast and lunch)

• Free Wi-Fi, long distance phone, cable T.V., and resident lounge & kitchen.

• Numerous local outside AA/ NA/ Alanon 12-step meetings, Celebrate Recovery meetings and local churches. We also have our very own off campus "mission church" - named "City of God" - located in Lafayette  3 blocks from Lighthouse with over 700 member congregation primarily made up of students of 30 years of age or under. (LRH is proud to be a "3 arm recovery center" that supports the 12 steps, MRT and Faith.)

• Personalized LRH Sobriety School programs : 45 days /3 months/6 months/9 months/12 to 36 months and or daily reporting and after care. classes  we also  offer an in house recovery education course called  “Sobriety School” created  and facilitated by our CEO and Executive Director - Beth Snyder. Sobriety School is a combination of biweekly classes, work books, and education videos which includes everything a resident needs to get on the fast track of success with long term recovery. 

• New Advanced MRT Courses (Moral Reconation Therapy) offered to clients for an  additional charge - which is  an evidence-based therapy and registered with SAMSHA. (Clients receive a certificate and an MRT coin upon graduation.

• Sober functions including dances, dinners, picnics, camp outs, bonfire meetings,  bowling, workshops, holiday special events, mini conferences, local retreats, and membership into the Jubilee Fellowship Group for social activities.

• Daily/weekly chores and 25 weekly recovery hours required as part of learning and developing a  “Living Sober” lifestyle.

• Local employment for felons and all residents – (Lafayette City Bus Transport passes $1 per day)

• 24/7 monitoring by our “live in” House Staff and ADT security system.

• Random and regular U/A Drug & Alcohol breathalyzer testing coupled with daily progress reports.

• Student friendly environment – 10 minutes on bus from Purdue University & Ivy Tech.

• Local Access to “Riggs Clinic” for discounted medical and dental services – Local access to I.O.P. is sponsored by outside mental health establishments. (example:Wabash Valley)

  Discounted Membership to the brand new Faith Sponsored "Northern Community Center " Includes 2 gyms , pool, exercise equipment.

• Discounted memberships at  Northend Community Center   which includes pool, indoor walking track, etc we encourage our clients to take natural vitamins and exercise as a part of a “holistic” approach to their early recovery.

• Columbia Park is right around the corner, where our residents can visit the free zoo, enjoy some fun at the water park, or just stop by for some world famous frozen custard. Also available is a large baseball stadium, playgrounds, duck pond, picnic areas/shelters. Park and zoo are FREE of charge!

• Murdock Park is just down the street with a free disc golf course, and free popular sledding hill.

• Low cost billiards and bowling all in a sober environment at Purdue University Union Hall and Famous Frozen Custard around the block.

   The LRH non-profit corporation in Lafayette operates a non-denominational residential sober living home for men phase I and phase II..     Our Women's Campus is now located in Hammond Indiana. (See Page insert)

LRH is for those who are committed to making permanent changes in their lives, but, are not quite ready to live alone. Transitional housing is often a very crucial part of long term recovery success. (We do NOT provide medical or clinical services.)

   We are grateful for the opportunity and proud to serve and to provide suffering addicts and alcoholics with lots of care, support, and education in a friendly and personal atmosphere. Our entire organization is deeply convicted that each client is able to experience and enjoy the miracle of recovery from their active addiction. Since 2008 we have served hundreds of clients from all walks of life. 

"We are not a glum lot"   ~Alcoholics Anonymous 

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