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Elizabeth K. Slusser - Snyder was born in 1961 in Chicago and in 1972 her family moved to the very small town of Brookston, IN, located outside of Lafayette, IN.  Beth is the mother of three grown sons and has six grand children.

She entered her personal recovery on Feb 25, 1987 and has remained continuously  clean and sober since that date. Beth is nationally known for her expertise in the field of addiction  and business with over thirty years of personal and professional experience.  In 1991 she created and started her own recovery educational  program  named "Sobriety School" which she has presented nationally to thousands of suffering addicts/alcoholics since that time. Beth is known for her infectious laugh and encouraging spirit. 

Beth Synder with mother Sandy Slusser in 2008

                  Beth with her grandaughters 

                              Beth and Lighthouse Ladies

                           Beth's Three Sons

LRH Co -Founder Sandy and husband Dick Slusser - Beth's Parents

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