The Lighthouse Recovery Home is a “Top Pick” for residential sober living in the Midwest Region and a great place to develop your addiction recovery program. We are located in Central Indiana and we encompass a non-judgmental and respectful approach to help heal the whole person - Body, Brain/Mind, and Spirit. Social stigmas, spiritual deficiencies, and sometimes often chemical imbalances are the general underlying causes of addictive behaviors, and have led to addiction to street drugs, alcohol, and/or medically prescribed pharmaceuticals.

   Chemical dependency will destroy many areas of an individual's life if left untreated and will chronically get worse. Our long term live in program (90 days up to 9 months) and education helps each individual person develop a recovery plan that integrates time tested and cutting-edge practices and education to sustain their recovery. Since 2008 we have served over 2000 clients and they all have received those vital necessary ingredients of "hope, motivation, care, education and support" as they pursue personal recovery.

   The Lighthouse is NOT a medical or clinical facility and does NOT prescribe pharmaceuticals or narcotics to treat addictions. Over all we do not believe long-term drug replacement with a controlled substance is the best method. This is one of our spotlights as we believe that abstinence is the best technique for restoring optimal brain function, and eliminating the symptoms of addiction. Pure chemical abstinence proves consistently - over the ages of time - to be the best offense. (If you are  currently under the care of a doctor and are taking medications that are not a controlled substance we DO ALLOW you to continue. If you are currently taking a controlled substance due to a medical detox we will work with you just short term in order for make your medicine adjustments with your doctor.)

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Original Lighthouse Recovery Home

116 N. Illinois St. Monticello, IN

Sandy was a beloved servant to the recovering community for over 20 years. Her tireless volunteer efforts and a handful of devoted "Beacons" together they opened White County's first recovery home for men with addictions. The first house was opened in November 2008 and was located at 116 Illinois Street in Monticello, Indiana.

Why select the Lighthouse Recovery Home?

Sandra Kay Slusser


Born 11/2/1939

Deceased 3/21/2014  

L.R.H. was founded

​April 10th, 2006

Sandy & Dick Slusser devoted all their later years in life to their God, sobriety, responsibility, and fun. They both gave tireless service to their local recovering community in Monticello, Indiana. They were both sober over 20 years and never looked back after Sandy had a professional intervention for her alcoholism at age 55 in 1993.